Workers are fighting to protect pay, working conditions, safety and dignity at work. Right now is the largest struggle for a generation between those that make the wealth in our society and those that own the wealth.

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Below are some steps to help you in starting to organise, revitalise and energise a union at your workplace. If you want to discuss this further, you can talk with an organiser about making a plan. Five steps (adapted from UE union) to winning workplace fights:

Step 1: Talk to others you work with

Step 2: Get together with others you work with

  • Bring as many of your co-workers together collectively as you can.
  • Find ways to keep in touch and organise meetings.
  • Use communication tools that workers already use (and the employer doesn’t control).
  • Have a meeting to discuss what to do, sometimes it’s easy to just vent - it’ll feel better in the moment but nothing will change, commit to doing.
  • Decide your demands to take forward to the boss and what tactics you want to use e.g. petition, collective letter.
  • “Elect” a group of workers to take your demands to the boss. If you have a union you should work with your workplace representative.
  • If you do not have a union at your workplace, you should discuss forming one with other workers.

Step 3: Raise your demands with the boss

  • Write to your boss with your demands, make sure to be clear this is on behalf of your co-workers.
  • Include any actions you have taken e.g. petition, written letter.
  • Set a deadline for a response.

Step 4: The boss's reaction

  • After you collectively present your demands and take action, your boss may respond in a number of ways that try to minimise the need for changes or may even illegally retaliate against workers.
  • It’s important to inoculate your coworkers for various scenarios so you’ll be able to respond collectively and effectively.

Step 5: Next steps

  • You have heard back from your boss and they are not going to make the changes you have asked for.
  • Meet with coworkers and discuss next steps.
  • You may want to consider escalating your actions. There are many different ways to escalate, from smaller actions to going on strike.

Some extra tools:

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